Black Magic


An all black outfit is always a safe choice when choosing an ensemble, make it an all black daring outfit by choosing pieces in different textures and styles. That would make the whole outfit more interesting. Putting a little bit of contrast and accents will make the whole outfit not cohesive but more interesting.  (more…)

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Summer Turtle


What’re you guys been up to lately? any plans for the week? Well, I won’t be too relaxed this week because I’ll be going to Beijing China tomorrow for a business and and a little leisure side  trip tomorrow and will be staying there til the end of the week. They said most of the social media platforms are blocked there so I might be gone for a while lol. But don’t worry there’s still hope for updates! I hope I successfully installed the VPN server in my phone so I can still update you guys with all my shenanigans in China. haha!So since I’ll be traveling tomorrow, might as well make this post about tips about traveling.   (more…)

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