Beers and long nights

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Josh Vidamo, Cedrick Donato, Kenn Lee and me

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Me, Natasha Gerona and Dani Barretto

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 Aftermath (My dance team)

It has been very busy for me for the past months because I’m preparing for so much challenges faced to me this year like what they call the “Adulting life” and my board exams this coming june, but once in a while I hang out with my friends, these people  in these photos kept me sane and alive inside and out! They had been my rock for giving me the foundation that I need to surpass all the challenges in life! We like to talk and just chill in a cozy place and just hang out and sometime meet new people and create connections! It’s a very therapeutic thing to do to know something about someone’s life and of course it’s so much better if we do it with some drinks, and  drink that’s perfect for a night with long talks?  what else but San Miguel beer light! just the right drik to have that fun conversation to spark and just ride the night along! Just like how this new advertisement featuring Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco



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First of all! I wanna thank Dani and kyle for surprising me! ( Alam niyo na yan ) haha! Thank you also to kurt! you know you’re the best! haha! anyway here are some photos I grabbed in instagram from  Nikita, David, Dani & Niche from Swedish House mafia’s concert last january 16, 2013. I had so much fun! Danced all night and every set gave me chills! Too bad this is their last tour (huhu) I want more!!!! Anyway, got tired and sweat a lot after! this can be considered as my cardio  training for the day! lol. 


We first had dinner at Yabu and some drinks somewhere in MoaA, we were so decent looking at first! hahaha! so fresssh!!!!


then the concert begins…Awesome crowd + good music + Cardio = perfect swedish House mafia night! (SOLID!) taken from my instagram. :)


This was taken after the concert! haha! we called ourselves the Tea gang! lol. ( napaka wholesome ng gang namin! hahaha! )


we met karishma from styles and nikita’s friend Steph! nice meeting you girls! :)


did THE Nikita Conwi’s thin pose pose! (pumayat ba ako? ) I missed this girl so much! I can hang out with her the whole day! haha! let’s have  some tea soon, yeah? :)


Collage Grabbed from Dani! was with crissy,steph and kurt too! awesome crowd is awesome crowd! It’s always a good time when I’m with them! :)


also from my instagram! Also partied the night away with Roxy Girl Bea Vega ( upper right picture) and  my japanese girlfriend Ai tacastacas (the one wearing the shades ) !!!! 

To sum it all up! I had a blast! It was epic! We came,we raved, we Loved !!! cheers to swedish house mafia for welcoming my 2013 concerts a blast!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :D I’ll b posting the outfit that I wore after this post! Know more about my life and experiences through pictures by following me on Instagram ( mikocarreon )

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Post Christmas dinner w/ the Gang

Days after christmas the gang ( David Guison, Christine Liwag, Gerd Perez, Angel Rodriguez & Hezron Peralta ) decided to have a little post christmas get together over some eat all you can food at Dad’s-Saisaki-kamayan west avenue branch. Indeed this night was fun/food filled night with good company and constant conversations. I must say these are the friends that I can consider as family already ( chesseballs alert! ) lol. we all share the same interest and love for food this is why we decided to eat in this kind of international cuisine buffet , oh and we decided to eat a lot because we promised that this coming year, 2013 will be the start of our sexy years and I’m really really looking forward to that! haha! we all have the same goal this coming year and I hope nothing will hinder us in doing so. After eating we decided to go to my house and do some karaoke + Kinect (dance central, to lose some food we ate ) + few booze to sieze the night away, such a perfect night and no words can express how happy I am to be with this crowd!  Anyway here are some yummy photos from our post christmas dinner. enjooooy!!! :D


I loooove puto bumbong! Good thing they have it there and this is one of the reasons why I go to simbang gabi! lol. 


to much sweets will make you hyper! refer to the picture below. LOL. hi david! 




anyare tin?


okaaaay….stolen kung stolen! haha!


The gang! sorry I don’t have a clear copy of our group shot. This shot just came from my iPhone! lol. At least we have a picture! :P too bad we weren’t complete but I’m really hoping next time we’ll be complete! lol. I hope after that “sinful” night of food and drinks everyone will be serious with their health and fitness. trololol! Photos were take by my cousin Charles Soubiron

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hello! what are you guys been up to? well, i’ve been trying to stay healthy after eating so much from our Noche Buena! lol. If you guys have been following me on twitter, you’ll see that I’m really trying my best to stay healthy as possible before I get so jiggly and bouncy from all the food I’ve been eating this Holiday! haha! Speaking of the holiday, I still have the Holiday vibes in me so I’ve been wearing holiday colors in events and gatherings like this one! I wore this to a shoot with my friends and an ultimate bonding experience day with them! lol. It’s always a Good time when Im with them, I don’t feel any stress and any awkwardness when I’m surrounded with this kind of people, maybe because they are true to themselves and they just want to have a good time. This is my kind of crowd and this is why I wore something bright and holiday friendly outfit! ( ma-segway lang! ) hahaha! anyway, a key to holiday grooming is layering and choosing the perfect colors to compliment your pieces. Perfect color combination will set the mood of the viewer’s perspective. What do you think? :)

jacket ( LYLE AND SCOTT ), pullover ( ZARA ), button down ( FOLDED AND HUNG ), pants ( 7 FOR ALL MANKIND ), boots ( UPPER ), watch ( LUMINOX )

3 layered outfit + perfect color combination! it sets a cool vibe with it’s cool color combination.

be sure to check out lyle and scott in Style general located in Highstreet Central Fort bonifacio! :)

I got this Luminox watch as a christmas gift from my brother! :) 

Photos by David Guison

Here’s a BTS from the shoot we had with Alejandro Taag! I’m so excited to see the photos! You’ll see genuine friendship,smiles and laughters! lol. (cheese-balls)

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