Top 3 Current Fragrance


If you’re into musky/woody scent that doesn’t wear off that easily Carbone BALMAIN is the perfect scent for you. Wear this scent and you will feel like a real gentlemen. I usually use this one everyday and even on special occasions. For some reason musky/woody scents are delightful to my nose. lol


If you’r into oriental spicy scent, well this one’s fro you. If you want to feel like you just got out from you’re luxurious arabian nights Boucheron Jaipur Homme is the perfect fragrance for you. Us ethis in your special casual events and your scent will stand out. 


Very youthful,energetic and casual Hollister California fragrance is the perfect everyday scent. It will keep you fresh all throughout the day. I actually even use this to spray to my linens haha!

Everything is available at Art of Scent and Fresh perfume stores.

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