Home is where the ART is

Few days ago I had a chance to go to an event dedicated to young and striving industrial and interior designers, It was held in SM North EDSA’s Interior Zone (it’s just right behind The Block), I also got to see some furniture shops where I got giddy and wend window shopping for a bit. lol.

The event was called “Home is where art is” which focuses on designing your own home by picking different elements like different furnitures to give your home that certain aesthetic that you want to achieve.

 photo IMG_3082_zpspgcamcwj.jpg

Students from MAPUA all rested to hear the talk from Manila Fame Artists.

 photo IMG_3084_zpsp1fsxzfz.jpg

2 speakers who participated in Manila fame last year gave a short talk about design mostly about furnitures and some from fashion and accessories. Below are some furnitures of the artists exhibited at the Mall.

 photo IMG_3091_zps2mziln8b.jpg

 photo IMG_3085_zpssp8ncoff.jpg

This one is inspired from the pirouette of a ballerina, that’s why it gave an illusion of a twirling motion from a ballerina’s tule.

 photo IMG_3087_zpsjiyd172d.jpg

What I love about this is the use of steel in designing a surprisingly comfortable chair and a very aesthetically good looking center table/coffee table.

 photo IMG_3088_zpse7ru0fsl.jpg

 photo IMG_3090_zpsk6wgeunf.jpg

Some MAPUA indusrial students also exhibited some of their works which is also located inside SM north EDSA’s Interior zone.

Exhibit runs from February 24 til March 4! Check it out! And it’s free!

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Shulong Event

Was invited to attend the shulong event last week sunday, the event was filled with creatively done shoes, fish and chips and good company. lol. There was also an inter college design competition where in they showcases how each school designed their own pair of shulong that will best reflect their universities and colleges. University of the philippines won the design competiton, even I was so amazed how UP did their own shoe design, if you guys had been following me on instagram for sure you’ve seen their galaxy shoe design that I posted! hahaha! Anyway here’s a summary of the event through photos! :)



here’s the pair of shulong designed by the UP students! awesome galaxi print with the oblations stencil.:)

The UP ecosoc students who won! so proud of this team! they’re so creative and unique! :>

after the event you can go to their artist and have your own pair of shulong pimped! i’ll show you guys mine soon! :> The event was very successful. It’s inspiring to see young artist do their craft infront of you, it makes me more creative in some way! haha! congrats again to UP and shulong! woot woot! :)

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