This is my first ever outfit post from my Beijing trip. This outfit was also my airport-friendly outfit. Well whenever I go to the airport I usually just wear the most comfortable clothes in my closet so I can have a good sleep specially in a long flight, one thing I also noticed whenever I on a trip I always wear black and white…like always. I think it’s because it’s the easiest color to mix and match with different style staples, do you guys agree? haha! Well here you go guys! (more…)

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Summer Turtle


What’re you guys been up to lately? any plans for the week? Well, I won’t be too relaxed this week because I’ll be going to Beijing China tomorrow for a business and and a little leisure side  trip tomorrow and will be staying there til the end of the week. They said most of the social media platforms are blocked there so I might be gone for a while lol. But don’t worry there’s still hope for updates! I hope I successfully installed the VPN server in my phone so I can still update you guys with all my shenanigans in China. haha!So since I’ll be traveling tomorrow, might as well make this post about tips about traveling.   (more…)

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Spring City


Wow, it’s been days since I officially graduated from college and the experience went by so fast. I don’t even remember what really happened during our graduation and specially during our grad party, it was really such a blur but it all boils down to the real world! I don’t know what the real world will offer me but I just can;t wait to face those adult-ing challenges of life. haha! BRING IT ON! (more…)

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Top 30 Fashion Finds at SM southmall


Last week was a lucky day for me to explore the south which brought me to SM southmall in Alabang!  My friends from the south told me that there are some good stuff that you can see in Southmall since it’s newly renovated and rebranded so I came and check it out with some of my blogger friends and our readers! It was a fun experience to go around,pig out,shop and of course bond with our readers! So here’s what went down and what we saw inside SM Southmall.  (more…)

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