Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Merry Christmas everyone! This is the day we celebrate not just being with our loved one but to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth! ALways remember the reason for this season, let us all give thanks for all the blessing we received this year and speaking of thanks giving I just ant to personally thank everyone who has been supporting me since day 1, not just to my humble blog but also to my other endeavors like my dance  and architecture life! I really appreciate all the messages I received in my FB inbox, email, twitter and instagram! I love you all! Isn’t this the best season ever??? Anyway, every year my family decides to wear color coordinated outfits(I don’t know why but I think for picture purposes) and this year we all decided to wear red and here’s the outfit that I wore in our humble christmas eve at home. What do you guys think?

image (1)

Pullover(ZARA), button down(Topman), khaki chinos (Penshoppe), socks (Uniqlo), desert boots(Mario d’ Boro), specz(Four eyes). Hype this look on here.

image (4)

Button down from Topman and pullover from Zara.


image (2)

image (3)

Specs from four eyes.

image (7)

Socks from Uniqlo and shoes from Mario d’ boro

image (8)

Christmas eve in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without our Noche Buena and every year I look forward to what my whole family will cook, This year I didn’t contribute anything (Just fixed the table lol) unlike last year, I baked some christmas cookies and brownies for dessert.  But we have so much food and we have a lot of left overs from last night.

securedownload (4)

securedownload (2)

What i’ve said in my previous post, the only thing I want to be this christmas is to be the secret santa of the kids by granting their wishes on their wish list and I felt the success after seeing their faces while opening the gifts I gave them! That is the best feeling ever

securedownload (1)

securedownload (3)

securedownload (5)

Merry merry christmas everyone, I hope you all are having a good time! It’s time to workout and push myself to shed these holiday fats! hahaha!

Photos by Harrold Carreon