Malasimbaes in Malsimbo 2015

It’s my first time attending a festival of this kind (and in puerto galera) and I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve been asking my friends if it’s a a nice festival and they said yes, it’s really chill and the vibe’s great, so I just expected it to be like that! but oh booooy, Malasimbo left a mark on me! haha! Oh how I miss last week’s event! I miss the beach, the vibe, the people, the music, the food…name it! I miss every second of Malasimbo! I was fascinated with everything! What I love about malasimbo is that everything is so natural!!!! I can’t explain how but I just love how I can enjoy and appreciate everything! Let’s be honest I’m not that much of a fan of reggae music and all but malasimbo just made me appreciate the artistry of it! Maybe that’s what they call THE Malasimbo magic. lol. Thank you so much to our friends from Sofitel for having us and giving us the opportunity to experience the malasimbo magic! Here’s a visual diary for you guys! Hope the you too, can feel the magic! DSC09734




Another thing I love about malasimbo is that they are all open to different kind of arts! Tribal,contemporary,modern art installations everywhere! the creative part of my mind was so stuffed with inspirations! I swear!!!!!










Experienced the magic of malasimbo with my “malasimbaes” hahaha! get it? get it? lol. Enjoyed every second of malasimbo if it weren’t for these people + Lissa and Santi! haha!

The best things in life are for free, and I must say I’m so thankful to have experienced the Philippine’s beauty through malasimbo! I didn’t have a hard time accessing the social media world and update you guys with the malasimbo magic! All thanks to Smart free internet I can easily upload photos and share with you guys the malasimbo magic in a snap! It’s like having everything in a blink! Having the beauty of malasimbo and internet for free is the best!