Great Wall


Few weeks ago I got the chance to see THEEEEEEEE great wall of china in person and yes, I am in love in every bit of details of the whole place! I just hope I had more time to explore other towers of the great wall but I’m sure i’ll finish exploring it after months and months of walking LOL It was really chilly that day and it’s also on top of the mountain so it was extra colder in the area so I had to wear layers and layers of thick clothes hence the fat-looking Miko in the photos. So here’s  a post about some things I realized when I first stepped into one of the 7 wonders of the world!


When I first stepped into the great wall of china grounds, I didn’t expect that A LOT of tourists will be there and I mean A LOT. had a hard time taking outfit photos because there were a lot of people from different countries, well I didn’t expect it because great wall has a long stretch of  walls and gates so I thought other tourists are scattered into different gates well I guess the gate we went to is one of the main gates of the great wall that’s why a lot of tourists are there. 

The steps!!! daaamn those steps, they are all inconsistent! some of the steps are short, too short and some are long and steep. the first stretch from the starting point to to 2nd tower made me so tired already because of the steps. whew!

A lot of old people are stronger than me! They have better stamina than me because I saw some going down coming from the 3rd tower. WOW! I was just so amazed how they did it. PS, I only finished 2 towers. hehehe. 


Jacket, pullover, Denime jeans (H&M),  Button down (TOPMAN), socks (ADIDAS), shoes (CONVERSE), eyewear (Ray-Ban)

So that’s it for now, I’ll be posting more about this trip soon!

Photos by Harrold Carreon