Christmas Sleeves

Merry christmas eve everyone! I just want to remind everyone the reason for this season, let us all give thanks and celebrate with your family and loved ones. This is my favorite season because I get to bond with my family,friends,reconnect with the world and of course….EAT A LOT! lol. ¬†kidding aside I’m excited to see the kids open my gifts for them, I just want this year to be the secret santa they asked for and I just want to see the kids happy while they’re young and carefree and that would be the cherry on top of my christmas!

Anyway, let’s get to the real deal, here’s an outfit that is reminiscent to the holidays, been wearing a lot of holiday-reminiscent outfits from my previous post because I just really love the holiday and it makes me cozy and this season lets me wear bright and festive colors that veers me away from wearing monochromatic ensembles. What do you guys think?


Bomber Jacket (Oxygen), button down and spray on skinny jeans (Topman), belt (Fred Perry), loafers (Hill and Deer), watch (Alvo Store). Hype this look on Here


Bomber jacket with flannel sleeves from Oxygen and Colar-less button down from Topman


Closer look of the details.


Belt from Fred Perry, thanks to my Hill and Deer family for this!


Watch from Bertucci available at Alvo Store (an online store that caters to limited edition shoes and independent New York-based brands)


Loafers from Hill and Deer



Photos by David Guison