Crater Hike


Compressor top (UNIQLO), shorts and leg warmers (nike), shoes (Native) , DC Panel cap (Bratpack), Shades (Sunnies by Charlie), back pack (High Sierra). 

I always have the urge to go on and adventure and I’ve been telling you guys that this year i’ll be more adventurous, not the “pasarap” kind of adventure but something that will challenge me and an adventure that will pull me out of my comfort zone, like this one. It’s actually my second time to hike and to be honest I really don’t like hiking until I experienced it the first time in Mt. Batulao batangas! It’s such a breath of fresh air when you get to the summit and see all the greens around you. God really is the greatest and most intelligent designer we all have. It’s such a blessing to experience these kinds of adventure. Now, where to next? haha! Can’t wait to hare with you guys my Mt. Pinatubo experience here on the blog. But for now, here’s my hiking gear/ hiking ootd!


A brand known for the durability of its outdoor-adventure heritage has now evolved to become an urban essential that is designed to complement the demanding lifestyles of today’s youth.


It really is one heck of an experience! Specially the time when we rode the 4×4 jeep and the hike! Whew! Good thing I have the competitive point of view and great focus just to finish the adventure and not give up just like Manny Pacquiao! I’ve been seeing and hearing news about the fight lately and i’ve been seeing those #SugodManny viral posts all over the social media! Everyone’s so pumped up for his upcoming fight and I can’t wait to cheer my lungs out for manny!

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Photos by Eunice Reyes