Great Wall


Few weeks ago I got the chance to see THEEEEEEEE great wall of china in person and yes, I am in love in every bit of details of the whole place! I just hope I had more time to explore other towers of the great wall but I’m sure i’ll finish exploring it after months and months of walking LOL It was really chilly that day and it’s also on top of the mountain so it was extra colder in the area so I had to wear layers and layers of thick clothes hence the fat-looking Miko in the photos. So here’s  a post about some things I realized when I first stepped into one of the 7 wonders of the world! (more…)

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Malasimbaes in Malsimbo 2015

It’s my first time attending a festival of this kind (and in puerto galera) and I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve been asking my friends if it’s a a nice festival and they said yes, it’s really chill and the vibe’s great, so I just expected it to be like that! but oh booooy, Malasimbo left a mark on me! haha! Oh how I miss last week’s event! I miss the beach, the vibe, the people, the music, the food…name it! I miss every second of Malasimbo! I was fascinated with everything! What I love about malasimbo is that everything is so natural!!!! I can’t explain how but I just love how I can enjoy and appreciate everything! Let’s be honest I’m not that much of a fan of reggae music and all but malasimbo just made me appreciate the artistry of it! Maybe that’s what they call THE Malasimbo magic. lol. Thank you so much to our friends from Sofitel for having us and giving us the opportunity to experience the malasimbo magic! Here’s a visual diary for you guys! Hope the you too, can feel the magic! DSC09734 (more…)

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Smart Dinagyang Experience

I’m so happy when Smart told me that they will bring me again to Dinagyang, they also flew me to Iloilo last year and I really did have fun that’s why I did expect that this year will be better than last year and yeap…it was! Ilonggos really know how to live all out! Thank you to everyone who went to all the Smart events and partied with us! We all had so much fun! wooohooo!!! see you again next year? yes? yes!!!!!!

To give you guys a little bit of background, the Dinagyang festival is a religious and cultural festival in Iloilo City, Philippines held on the fourth Sunday of January, or right after the Sinulog In Cebu and the Ati-Atihan in Aklan. It is held both to honor the Santo Niño and to celebrate the arrival on Panay of Malay settlers. They celebrate the festival with many activities like a streetdance competition, parades, pageants and of course street parties and we all experienced that in our  3-days stay in Iloilo



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Crowns Up

So here’s a different style post for you guys, I want to segue the dancer in me because (1) I will be seeing my dance family, Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company this week and I haven’t seen them for more than 2 weeks now, and (2) I’m just being a fan boy by wearing my favorite baseball jersey from Royal family! If you don’t  know them well click here I’m wearing the same shirt they’re wearing in their performance in  the recent World of Dance. So yeah…LOL. That $100 is worth it…just because I also get to see them perform live and see them with my own eyes LIVE. I can’t believe I have this fan boy side of me. haha! Anyway, here’s a more urban streetstyle take for this outfit post, I told myself I’ll be changing my style into a more mature style but then it never really happened I can’t really veer away from my hip-hop side. I just really love hip-hop that much!


baseball jersey (Royal Family), mesh top and black jeans (Topman), boots (Palladium), watch (kennet Cole), necklace (Forever21)


Booklyn mesh top from Topman and baseball jersey bought  from las Vegas in Royal Family’s pop up booth


Watch from Kenneth Cole and necklace from Topman


Back details of the jersey.


Photos by Christine Liwag

On a different note, I really miss dancing, I miss my vegas journey with my brothers! It was one heck of an experience that I will never ever forget! I learned so much despite all the drama,sweat, blood and even manly tears during the whole process. haha! So to go back to that very moment heres a video of our routines from the philippine finals up to Hiphop international 2014 finals!! haha!

Philippine finals held in MOA last may 2014

World Prelims held in Red Rock hotel and casino in las Vegas last august 2014

World Finals held New Orleans Arena , las Vegas Nevada USA last august 2014

Here’s the full video of our World finals with the Philippine chant, the interview and of course the swaying of lights that we didn’t expect to happen.

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