Top 30 Fashion Finds at SM southmall


Last week was a lucky day for me to explore the south which brought me to SM southmall in Alabang!  My friends from the south told me that there are some good stuff that you can see in Southmall since it’s newly renovated and rebranded so I came and check it out with some of my blogger friends and our readers! It was a fun experience to go around,pig out,shop and of course bond with our readers! So here’s what went down and what we saw inside SM Southmall.  (more…)

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Trip down the memory lane: Dance

I’ll be graduating this coming march and lately i’ve been very sentimental ever since I passed my thesis because of knowing the fact that I’ll be leaving my second family in 2 months, my teammates , Romancon. *sobs* I just can’t imagine my life without dance, without them, without training and anything related to it, here I am being too attached again.

Well…Looking at the bright side of it, I’ll be seeing the seeds of our hard work to make this team one of the best in the philippines and I just can’t wait to see that happen and be a proud alumni to them. So here’s a tribute post for my beloved team, romancon.

Here are just some of my favorite performances out of the many performances and competitions I’ve been with Romancon. This isn’t the end but it’s a new beginning. Watch out for more! haha!

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ASUS: One Day of Zen

2015-11-21 02.41.22 1.jpg_6

Asus had an event few weeks ago and they let us try their Zenfone laser 2 and experience it’s awesome camera features, we had a photo walk at the marvelous historic place in the Philippines, Intramuros. I already grabbed the opportunity of doing this campaign because I really wanted to go to Intramuros and see the beauty of our history. (more…)

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MUJI to relax

It’s summer and I have so much free time this month before I go back to my busy student-athlete life as a dancer! yeap, we need all the support as we defend our title for the Philippine finals for Hip-hop international this coming may 24 in MOA arena (lol segue!). Anyway, since I have a lot of time this month all I do is either I go to the gym or I’ll just be a couch potato at home and do a movie or series marathon while eating a bucket of popcorn and soda or beer on the side! But I’ll choose being a couch potato instead of going to the gym (lol) because in this heat, I’m already sweating buckets without lifting a finger.

My month-long break gives me time to steal all the comfort and relaxation I could get before I go back to the hectic grind of rehearsals and performances. I found some time to visit Robinsons Magnolia to grab some ice cream and buy a few things for a beach trip — a long overdue R&R. Aside from the fresh summer arrivals, I found this cool piece for my room at Muji.


Beanbags take me back to the days when my brother and I would throw them at each other until the small foam balls come out. My mom disapproved of such mess and rowdy behavior, but hey, boys will be boys, right? Knowing Muji, which is popular for its unique design process and innovative products, I just had to ask (and buy) a new bag for my room.


The Muji Body Fit Cushion is one of Muji’s iconic products, which has captured the hearts of families and kids for its unparalleled comfort and durability. So it has smaller and finer beads than of a regular beanbag. They conform to the posture and shape to support the neck, back and hips.


 The cover is made of special washable knit material that mixes two kinds of fabrics. The non-stretch fabric is for sitting with proper support. The stretch fabric is for lying, relaxed position because it’s softer. So when you flip the cushion, you actually have 2 functional options depending on what kind of comfort you need. And of course, I would totally go for the Couch-Potato-All-Day lying position with my beer and series marathon. I need to catch up on Empire, seriously.


While using the app, I found myself sleeping while listening to the ambiance it portrays, I can choose different ambiance depending on what mood I want, they have 6 nature ambiances that I assure you that you will be in the most relaxed state of your mind and body!


The bean bag plus this app is the perfect combination I could ever have this summer! I can finally have the most relaxing summer I can ever have, thanks to Muji for all these innovations you did! Such great brains behind this brand!

In the Philippines, MUJI is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI)  – a member of The SSI Group, Inc. Muji is located at Bonifacio High Street Central, Power Plant Mall at Rockwell Center, Greenbelt 3, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing and Ayala Center Cebu.


For more updates, follow Muji PH on Facebook.

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